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Swiss watch watch brand IWC the 2011 New San AI repair Bai Memorial version of a large pilot perpetual calendar watch not only appearance be not of the common sort, as the pilot special watch add a limited edition masterpiece, to design and create the precious Antoine Shengai repair Bai Memorial version of a large pilot perpetual calendar watch. Previously, high quality watch in order to pay tribute aaa iwc replica orologi to the legendary French pilots, the Swiss watch IWC des Nations table has four pilot special edition watch for pilot and writer Antoine St. Ai Xiubai and his flight as the theme of the novel.
the world is more limited fine watches for the lucky 500 private. The unique watch brand Swiss watches Antoine San AI repair Bai in classical symbolic dial decorated with perpetual calendar display filigree inlay. In addition to display hours, minutes and seconds function, but also shows the two hemispheres crescent phase function. Although this function has be not at all surprising in today's globalized world, but it was the watch in the field are extremely rare. Table is pointing to the North (N) and South (S) two hemisphere bimonthly phase mini aircraft, according to observers describe the outline, like a pair of mirror. Antoine San AI repair commemorative edition large-scale pilot perpetual calendar moon phase display than the actual moon Bai from the cycle is 12 seconds. This is equivalent to only 577 years later, will produce a day time difference. All such as to display the date, day, month, year, ten years, a hundred years and the phase of the moon calendar display function (by the sunstar gear update operation) watch brands are based on synchronous system its original: each display function without manual adjustment or correction, fully automatic operation, until the year 2100 (leap year). Antoine San AI repair Bai Memorial version of a large pilot calendar watch operation is extremely simple: even for several days without using the watch to display the termination or wrong, just best replica watch sites 2012 fine table oakley watches men replicas can by mechanical control quickly jump to the current time display state.

      sapphire crystal clear glass surface perfect annotation type 51614 core power and excellent quality. Thanks to the table is always in the automatic chain mechanism efficient mechanical operation of the woodpecker, spring will normally wear limit control within two days. The dial on the three o'clock date display complement each other and power storage demonstration, according to from 1 to 7 (days of the week) counter clockwise order moves slowly, completely reverse operation. To a seamless heavenly robe interaction with the rotating direction of the two pawl, also from the transparent surface can be clearly observed precision operation pawl gear. The rotor with San AI repair Bai Li exquisite commemorative edition ", 18 carat gold circular badges emblazoned with the letter" A "is a perfect interpretation of the distinguished French great long signature. Digital relief casing outer circle indicates that the global only 500 lucky to enjoy this limited edition rare gold watch. Antoine San AI repair Bai Memorial version of a large pilot perpetual calendar watch is waterproof to a depth of up to 6 bar. Fine watches diameter 46 mm, height 16 mm Gold Dial exterior sigh for the concept of