cheap mbt shoes AOKANG sell shoes and building

in Wenzhou footwear tribe, there are also a number of small and medium-sized shoe enterprises have fallen. However, many private enterprises shoes shoe enterprises one step ahead of action, with the domestic market, is a bit more calm.

in Oubei town of AOKANG group headquarters, wearing a pink striped shirt workers continue to shuttle back and forth in the European style buildings.

"this year the overall orders increased 13%, mainly domestic growth, export orders fell slightly. 7~9 month export orders for the production of single peak, if no 5~7 percent profit space, we do not consider. Have accounted for 80% of the domestic orders supporting the cheap mbt shoes production situation, relatively flexible adjustment." Fan Manru said.

to alleviate the shortage of workers and reduce the cost, the AOKANG group started the "east west shoes shift" from 2003, in Chongqing Bishan 1000000000 yuan investment in the construction of "China western shoe industrial park". At present, in Chongqing, Bishan two production lines, artificial cost about 20% lower than in Wenzhou, workers are also relatively stable.

AOKANG group now owns AOKANG, Red Flamingo four independent brands such as, respectively, in different levels of consumer groups, in a total of more than 3000 terminal channels. However, it is mbt shoes price not satisfied with the existing layout, following the acquisition of Italy Wanli Weide brand in China last year after the ownership, recently signed Italy high-end brand GB (GIANFRANCO BUTTERI) of the Chinese Continental proxy. Four independent brand positioning in 1500 yuan.

Mercedes Benz, BMW car from time mbt uk to time in a crowded street, Wenzhou Oubei town have similarities with Dongguan. However, there is more obvious than that of Houjie high prices, many houses have been sold to 30000 yuan 1 square meters, is Wenzhou city is high, a lot of up to sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan / square meters.

had not been lying in the foundry "home" on time, AOKANG group, Wenzhou shoe enterprises rely more on the domestic market, hard a step-by-step development. Wang Zhentao in 1988 30000 yuan into the founding family of small workshops, has now developed into a AOKANG Group China's largest private shoe manufacturing enterprises, the manufacturing workers and sales staff each have about 10000 people. Wang Hailong of spokesman of news of AOKANG group said, in recent years the performance of the company basically maintain a growth rate of 20%, this year is expected to reach 4000000000 yuan in revenue. This year the number of workers continued to grow, still in the recruitment.

"Chongqing production line is mainly the production of Red Flamingo brand, strengthening in the western region of the channel layout, Red Flamingo brand grew very fast in the west two or three line city, the first half of this year sales of 50% growth." Wang Hailong said.

Qianshi manufacturing company Fan Manru when accepting a reporter to interview, here still face cost pressures, the workers a monthly salary of 2500 yuan, the comprehensive cost increase of 20%, and the shoe product only 5% price increase. AOKANG boss with several times higher compensation from Dongguan Yue Yuen factory to dig here, are stepping up the implementation of lean management.

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