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The Doon School, Dehradun
The Doon School has launched its summer leadership program “Summer at Doon” using our LeadershipPro product. The program will develop values-based leadership, grow students emotionally, socially and intellectually, and, create greater awareness of ethics and our leadership roles in business and society.

TATA Business Support Services, Hyderabad
TATA BSS used Aspire Training Services (ATS)to enhance soft skills and promote effective teamwork in employees. ATS delivered customized training program covering topics like Grooming, Communication Skills and Leadership skills.

Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
JagranLakecity University (JLU) is using ITPro to provide Software Development Programs (SDP) to its students in students of computer applications. ITPro is based on industry-centric Computer Science courses, developed by faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.

Oakridge International School, Hyderabad
In the Oakridge Leadership Residential Programme, 2013 students prepared for leadership beyond school and college. The programme helped them develop a sound moral sense and the ability for critical thinking. “I really learnt a lot and I also improved in many weak areas” was a response received from one of the students.

India Centre for Migration (ICM),New Delhi
ICM used VETPro to build vocational skills and job readiness in the Healthcare and Hospitality industry. VETPro provides international certification through embedded education in institutions.

Manav Rachna International School
Five Manav Rachna International Schools (MRIS) have adopted Robotic Pro for Grades V-X to improve learning in STEM. A three-member MRIS Robotics team secured the first position at the 7th Edition of Indian Robot Olympiad 2012 and qualified for World Robotic Olympiad 2012, Malaysia.

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai
In VIT, students have adopted the MBAPro, case method of learning management concepts. The program is in its second year and is well received by the students and faculty. According to one of the faculties, this methodology actually helps in giving the real world understanding of the concepts which were just in the books all this while. Harvard Business Publishing is the content provider for the course.

Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
Aditya has been the catalyst in promoting the case-method of teaching to its students. The institute has adopted MBAPro to deliver the management lessons through methodology and content used by top business schools of India. According to the faculty, the simulations are an excellent source of actually practicing the concept and it is thrilling to see its outcome in real time.

Assam Down Town University,Guwahati
Assam Down Town University has adopted three programs: IT Pro to help its students excel in Technology with courses developed by faculty in Carnegie Mellon University; MBAPro to gain exposure to global management skills through Harvard Business Publishing’s content and ProHire to enhance employability and develop essential corporate skills.

Pearl Academy,New Delhi
Pearl Academy has adopted CPT to help students make an informed career choice by identifying their strengths. CPT profiles the students on eight distinct mental abilities:Logical-Mathematical,Spatial,Musical,Interpersonal,Intrapersona, Naturalist, Linguistic and Bodily-Kinesthetic.